Live Undone

Live Undone began as a dream scribbled down in a journal on March 27, 2015 and now it’s become a reality! A blog where I share my experiences about faith, fitness and self-love, but more importantly a place where you can find community! A place where you are accepted for who you are and championed in pursuit of who you’re becoming.

un•done// free ; incomplete; not finished

To Live Undone is to live freely, challenging the world’s expectations of who we’re supposed to be. It’s believing in something greater than ourselves, realizing that apart from God we’ll never truly be complete. It’s understanding that we’re unfinished masterpieces and continually working towards becoming the very best versions of ourselves, for ourselves.

This community was created to encourage any of my fellow ladies who’ve ever felt alone or like they didn’t belong. Well my beautiful and deeply loved friend, YOU BELONG HERE!

Are you ready to #liveundone?