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Abs, Legs + Glutes Workout

April 27, 2017 Comments Off on Abs, Legs + Glutes Workout

Leg days are the best days! I really enjoy training my lower body and oftentimes I’ll also throw in a bit of ab work for fun. These past few weeks, I’ve been implementing this workout into my schedule and have been absolutely loving it! It includes most of my favourite exercises and generally takes me a little over an hour to complete; taking a 45 sec rest between sets.

I hope that you enjoy this workout as much as I do! I’ve linked each exercise to the exercise database in case you are unfamiliar with a particular movement.



  • yoga mat (optional)
  • bench
  • dumbbells
  • barbell



Begin with 15 mins of foam rolling lower body

3 x 3 min plank combo: 1 min plank, 1 min shoulder tap + 1 min spider crawl

3 x triset #1: 15 lying leg raises, 15 leg pull-ins + 30 alternate heel touches

3 x triset #2: 30 single-leg deadlifts + 30 curtsey lunges (15 each side with weight of choice) + 20 bodyweight jumping squats

4 x 15 conventional deadlifts

4 x 15 barbell hip thrusts 

2 x 30 single-leg glute bridges (15 each side)

3 x superset dropsets: 10 donkey kicks + 10 fire hydrants (5 each side and decreasing weight by 5lbs each set)