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Faith > Fear: How to decrease fear’s power and increase your faith

April 25, 2017 0 Comments

Real talk. Life is hard and sometimes we don’t get it right the first time…or the second, third and fourth time. We mess up and make mistakes, but that’s ok. We can’t let the fear of repeating our past prevent us from pursuing a brighter future. Instead, we must hold on to our faith, refusing to let our insecurities get the best of us.

Decreasing fear’s power

I remember when I was struggling with sin and shame, that I would find myself stuck in this cycle of giving into temptation and asking for forgiveness. The moment reality sunk in, I would feel so disgusted with myself that I would cry out to God and ask for Him to forgive me. Sometimes, my actions made me feel so dirty that I would stand in the shower and vow to God that I would never do it again, if He would simply make me feel clean. No amount of soap seemed to wash away those feelings of disgrace, and I had came to the realization that I could no longer fight this battle on my own.

The day I chose to surrender my struggle to Christ, a weight was lifted from me and the cycle was broken. That being said, fear still lurked in the corner. When it comes down to it, I believe that fear is what hinders us from making progress and accepting our rightful place at the table God has prepared for His children. We allow for fear to pull up a chair alongside us, and it begins to do all the talking on our behalf. As its voice becomes louder in our life, we forget what our own voice sounds like. We find ourselves in yet another cycle, wanting to move forward but not knowing how.

The fear of making the same mistakes stops us in our tracks. We’ve believed so many of fear’s lies that we’ve confused it with the truth. Now, the only way to overcome this is by holding on to God’s Word. In Luke 10:19, Jesus says that He has given us the authority to overcome ALL the power of the enemy. This includes fear.

Increasing our faith

I think oftentimes, we can become discouraged by our mistakes. We can play the victim card and believe the lies of the enemy; convincing ourselves that what we’ve done has somehow disqualified us from ever bringing God glory. Truth is, even in our brokenness, He invites us to exchange our failure for freedom. He allows us to cast our burdens on Him, and promises to give us the endurance we need to persevere (Psalm 55:22). In these moments of weakness and self-doubt, we need to cling to Jesus. Holding on to Him with all that we’ve got, and recognizing that He alone is our hope and our salvation.

When we make our faith greater than our fears, we unlock the door and grant freedom access into our lives.

Freedom from shame, guilt, anxiety, depression etc. Whatever it is that leads us to believe the lie that we’re too broken to be used by God. So, I want to encourage you to empty yourself before the Lord. Grab hold of your faith-covered armour and prepare to put fear back in its place. The victory is yours in Jesus’ name!


In relation to this post, I also filmed a video about being given the authority to overcome hard times, which you can find here.